If you are interested in learning more about how to lead a great life in the truly Christian way to please God, then please visit my main blog website: CLICK HERE to go to PURE FAITH the main blog

Clicking on the link above will open a new tab/window leading you directly to the main blog.

The blog you find will contain many posts that will take you into depth about the virtues a Christian must have, the kind of life one must lead, and analysis of Bible verses that will open your mind. If you click on “TESTIMONIES” it will lead you to a list of real-life experiences that will help you increase your faith and encourage you to seek the miraculous power of God.

Click on “Contact” to leave me a message or email me at or

I am Stenila Simon, and I am here to help you come to the Lord!!!

God bless you and fill you with peace my dear friend!

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